Volunteer Positions

Unless noted otherwise in the position duties, no handling of money or credit payments is required. All volunteers will have access to a Volunteer Supervisor at a minimum for questions and assistance. Some positions may have a direct supervisor available as well.

Registration Desk: Check tickets, print badges, give out swag bags. Possible handling of credit card sales of tickets here. Direct supervisor will be available for those working here. 

Workshop Assistant: Check students in to their correct workshops. Help prepare items for the workshops - this may include tea or it may not. Works closely with the workshop instructors to ensure students have what they need. Assist in set up and clean up of classroom before and after each workshop. Introduce the speaker at the beginning of class. Show them their Powerpoint set up if they are using one. You will have a number to call for tech support should things not work. 

Prep Kitchen: Ensures water heating devices are kept supplied with water. Maintains a clean and orderly area. Assist vendors in obtaining hot water as needed - does not include taking water to vendor booths. Tea preparation for classes and delivering tea to classrooms. 


Festival Info Desk: Answers questions for guests, provides directions to workshops, classes, restrooms, etc. 

Foyer Assistant: Directs guests arriving in the downstairs lobby to the elevators to the event. 


Wolf Point Lecture Stage Emcee: Introduce speakers on the main stage. Start their slideshows for them. Troubleshoot equipment if needed (there will be an AV person on site who can be called). Keep track of time for speakers. Equipment provided.


Firefighter: Assists where needed. Could be helping vendors, workshop instructors or other speakers. Could be relieving other volunteers for breaks. 

Break Room Monitor: Check in volunteers and give them their bags and cups. Help them find where they are supposed to be. Be a presence in the volunteer/speaker/press break room so that bags and coats can be left there securely. 

Bag & Coat Check: Just what it sounds like! Check guests' bags and coats for them in our secure location, give them a ticket and retrieve their items when they come back. 

Vendor Assistant: Walks the vendor floor monitoring whether or not vendors need anything or are having any issues. Coordinates with proper parties to resolve any issues.

Sauganash Door Monitor: checks guests as they enter the 14th floor from elevators and stairs for tasting cup or badge. Directs those without either to the registration desk on the 15th floor to either check in and pick up their bag and cup or to pay for their admission.