2019 Featured Speaker


Lorna Reeves, Editor, Tea Time Magazine

Lorna Reeves was introduced to the pleasures of afternoon tea at the Williamsburg Inn many years ago, and it wasn’t long before tea drinking became an essential part her daily routine.


She began her career at Hoffman Media, publisher of TeaTime, in 1991. Of her many responsibilities as editor, she especially enjoys planning the tea menus, pairings, and tablescapes pictured in the pages of the award-winning magazine. While Lorna has studied with World Tea Academy and the Specialty Tea Institute, her travels to tea estates in Sri Lanka and India have given her new appreciation for the marvelous beverage and those who produce it.


Lorna has been a staunch supporter of multiple consumer and trade tea events across the United States and we are proud to welcome her as our Featured Speaker!

Where to hear Lorna at the Chicago International Tea Festival

You can hear Lorna speak by attending her workshop, 15 Teas Every Tea Lover Should Taste, on Saturday morning or by coming to the Afternoon Tea Buffet on Sunday afternoon.