Classes & Workshops

Wolf Point Ballroom Lectures

On Saturday & Sunday, Wolf Point Ballroom will host lectures all day long that are included in the price of your admission.




Classes & Workshops

All classes and workshops will require additional tickets of varying prices, set in cooperation with the instructors. These additional tickets may be purchased when you purchase your 1, 2 or 3 day admission ticket or you may return later and purchase them separately. 

Livestream Class Package

The 14 LaSalle Livestream classes may be purchased as a package that includes all 14 classes. You may attend any of these in person or online. They will be livestreamed as they occur and after the event, you will receive a link so that you can access the recordings at your leisure as many times as you like. This package is $100, which is less than purchasing the 14 individual classes. If you purchase any of the Livestream classes and attend in person, you may add on the Livestream recorded package while you are at the festival by going to the Festival Registration desk. We will deduct the price of your in person class from the $100 package total. 

Schedule of Classes

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Schedule Chicago-2.jpg