Wolf Point Ballroom Lectures & Demonstrations

(All lectures listed here are included free of charge with your admission ticket)

Saturday, November 2, 2019 


A Simple Way to Find Your Perfect Cup of Tea! ~ Stacie Robertson (Tea Market)

 At last, a simple way to find YOUR perfect cup of Tea! Selecting teas is way too complicated. I don't believe you should have to learn 4 languages and a glossary of terms and a system of grading to find your tea soul mate. This is an introduction to a new way to think about TEA; How do you want to feel? What do you want to taste? I'll share my revolutionary method of tea selection by revealing my research on the 6 feeling categories and the 6 taste profiles every tea falls into. Answer those 2 questions and get ready for tea love, every time!


Jing Si (Still Thoughts) Tea Ceremony ~ Dr. Sally Wei (Jing Si Books & Cafe)

Guided by the teaching of Tzu Chi School of Buddhism, selected commissioners were trained and have developed a tea ceremony that well represents the Six Paramitas (Perfections). Guests will experience the serenity of the ceremony, with a detailed remarks on its performance. At the end of the ceremony, you will taste the featured teas grown in the Foundation's tea garden in Taiwan.


The State of US Tea Cultivation ~ James Orrock (Single Origin Teas)

Tea cultivation is currently being explored as a new crop in the United States. What is the preliminary research showing about this industry? What can tea companies do to support this developing industry? James will present findings from his University of Florida Master's research project and discuss his work on his Waverly Tea Plantation.  


International Tea Cuppers Club Cup Warming Social ~ Dan Robertson (ITCC)

International Tea Cuppers Club is a world-wide community of tea people of all levels who share a passion for learning about tea, especially through tasting. Held around the world, ITCC's educational and enlightening Cup Warmings (informative tea-tasting social) bring together tea experts and lovers from around the world to learn about and taste teas from different regions. Have the opportunity to learn directly from producers. Taste rare, innovative and even award winning teas as well as benchmark teas that every tea fans should make a point to know. ITCC Director Dan Robertson hosts this free event which features presenters from Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, India and more. A wonderful opportunity to learn and share the passion for tea. You need not be a member of ITCC in order to attend this fun event!


Little Leaf Bits, Big Health Benefits: Matcha’s Nutrients  ~ Noli Ergas (Sugimoto Tea)

In recent years, Matcha has taken a superfood spotlight. It's rise to stardom has involved some hyperbole and the spread of misinformation. However, with relatively little factual data recorded in English sources, it's hard to know what's hype and what's the key to a healthy life. We'll take a closer look at matcha's nutritional content, as well as its nearest kin, Japanese loose leaf tea, to determine what you should drink for the maximum health benefits.


The History & Future of US Tea Production ~ Steve Lorch (Table Rock Tea Company )

Discover the fascinating history of how tea got started in the United States.  Learn where domestic tea production currently stands and where it may be headed in the near future.

Sunday, November 3, 2019 


Tea, Tea Rooms & The Suffrage Movement ~ Judi Slack (No Hats Required)

This lecture explores the special relationship between tea, tea rooms and the women’ s suffragette movement. That there was more than a causal connection between tea and suffrage activism in undeniable. However, hidden behind the Olde World façade of clotted cream and teapots is a darker history. These unobtrusive locations became a force exploited by well-organized militants - the suffragettes. Learn how suffragists used tea and tearooms as tools for gaining the vote.


The Way of Tea & The Tea Ceremony ~ Rachel Maley (Cha Dao Chicago)

  All around the world, certain universal values give rise to the practice of tea ceremony. This introduction to the Way of Tea (Cha Dao, Chado) will discuss the philosophy of tea as spiritual practice and its manifestation in the tea ceremony. 


Tea & Social Enterprise ~ Nishchal Banskota (Nepal Tea LLC)

In the 21st century, tea has emerged as a champion of social enterprise. Hearing stories about how the tea you are investing in is making changes in the lives of people by helping them earn better or becoming literate can only make your cup of tea more fulfilling. Furthermore, there is an ever-increasing gap between the primary producers and the ultimate consumers. Knowing the real people behind your cup of tea will not only elevate your tea drinking experience but also add value to you as an individual and/or to a business. The best way to bridge this gap is to bring the beauty of tea, tourism and social change under one umbrella though and immersive tourism package.


How to Brew Tea Without a Chart ~ Donna Fellman (World Tea Academy)

If tea is nothing more than adding leaves to water, why do we get so fixated on following complicated brewing charts? Like the well-trained chef who stopped cooking from recipes years ago, we can learn the art and science of brewing tea and brew with intuition. In this session we’ll look deeply into the interplay of heat, water and leaf during the infusion process to understand the forces at work. No need to know the rules or blindly follow directions. Join us as we learn to decipher how the appearance of the dry leaf tells us what to do.

In this lecture you will learn:

1- How to make a deeper, more scientific, evaluation of the key variables of the infusion process and how they affect the outcome in the cup.

2- How a teas’ stages of production influence how best to brew the tea.

3- How to properly assess a tea on visual inspection to determine an accurate brewing recommendation.