Livestream Class Package

Livestream Class - A Way Attend Lectures Remotely! 

On all 3 days, we have a classroom devoted to a livestream of programming! Experts in the industry from around the world will share their knowledge with those who attend the event in person as well as with other tea lovers from all around the world! 

For $100 total, you can attend any or all of these classes in person or remotely from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world. With 14 lectures in this learning track, that's less than $8 per lecture. 

And... after the event, we will send out a link for just those who purchased the Livestream package. This will enable you to watch the recordings of these sessions at any time that is convenient for you. So if you have to be busy when a lecture that really interests you is streaming live, you don't have to miss it. 

If you attend in person, you may purchase any Livestream class for its a la carte price. If you decide after the fact that you'd like to purchase the whole Livestream package, you may do so and we will discount your Livestream package to take into account your admission ticket purchase as well as any a la carte Livestream purchases you made. Your total for a Livestream package purchased in person at the event or after the event will be the same as those who purchase the package up front - $100. 

Please note that a la carte Livestream purchases will not be possible for those not attending the event. If you do not attend the event, the package deal is the only option available.